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    10 Hours in Seoul by Mitta NEW (listed less than one year)
    101 Degrees Fahrenheit by Eva Gale
    A Bride for Tom by Ruth Ann Nordin
    A Christmas Refuge by Rebecca Winters
    A Courageous Battle by Susan Bracken
    A Daddy for Christmas by Laura Bradford
    A Dangerous Love by Linda Louise Rigsbee
    A Date With Fate by Tracy Ellen NEW (listed less than one year)
    A Demon's Desire by Lizzy Ford
    A Dog Named Nate by Inglath Cooper
    A Family Affair by Marilyn McPherson
    A Fool for Love by Susan Mallery
    A Heart to Mend by Myne Whitman {pdf} Hosted by
    A Holiday to Remember by Roses of Prose
    A Holland Kiss by Dawn Michelle
    A Home for Christmas by Laura Marie Altom
    A Japanese Dream in 79 Letters by Namiko
    A Lesson in Passion by Jennifer Connors
    A Little Mischief by Kasey Michaels
    A Matter of Trust by Elaine Dyer
    A New Day at Midnight by Michelle Hiscox [Romance / Historical]NEW (listed less than one year)
    A Question of Theories by George Hall
    A Romantic Ghost Story by Jason W. Chan
    A Sweet Refrain by Felicia Mason
    A Tutelarious Love by Linda Louise Rigsbee
    Abbi by Louisa Rowe
    Advertising for Love by Darcee Tana
    All Hallows' Joy by Christine Merrill
    All That Glitters by Cassie Miles
    All the wrong subtractions by Khawaja Ali Zubair {pdf} Hosted by
    Along Came Joe by Marie Ferrarella
    An Irish Love Story by Russ Durbin
    And a Dead Guy in a Pear Tree by Leslie Kelly
    And You Will Find Love by Walter Oleksy [Romance / Historical]
    Angels of Punishment by Michele Albert
    Appalachian Christmas Dream by Jack Zavada {pdf}
    Arizona Angels by Sky Taylor
    Ashleigh Unplugged by Carrie Alexander
    Bad Boy Blues by Pamela Yaye
    Bah, Humbug! by Heather Horrocks
    Bandit Love by Juanita Savage
    Bed and Breakfast Next to the Pink Roses Hotel by Monica Euen
    Before Blue Twilight by Maggie Shayne
    Beginning at the End by Nicole Duffeck
    Beloveds by Francis X. Kroncke
    Best-Laid Plans by Linda L. Rigsbee
    Bewitching Kisses by Rainy Kirkland [Romance / Historical]
    Black Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford [Romance / Fantasy]NEW (listed less than one year)
    Blackmailed Into the Prince's Bed by Olivia Gates
    Bloody Little Secrets by Karly Kirkpatrick [Romance / Paranormal]
    Bold As Brass by Christine Bell
    Boys Who Made Me Cry by Haixia Liu (From Shanghai, China) (really a short story but I put it here as well because I found it to be refreshingly open and honest) {pdf} Hosted by
    Breaking News by Gina Wilkins
    Britannia by Letitia Coyne [Romance / Historical] {pdf / html}
    Breaking the Routine Can Have Consequences by Taylor Lowe
    Broken by Dean Murray
    By Honor Bound by Julia Justiss [Romance / Historical]

    You Say

    You say that you don't love me.
    And you shun my wild ways with a sigh.
    You confess to want another desperately.
    Then dear boy, why do you always still catch my eye?