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Three Peaks cover.

Spying on Gran

Gran has cats. Uncle Cawley spends his days reading newspapers. Life is boring for Boneh. Until one day, when Gran and Uncle Cawley start acting strange. There are hushed conversations and mysterious boxes in the basement. Boneh realizes something unusual is happening in his own house. Does he really even know his Gran?

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Three Peaks cover.

Three Peaks

Chris has climbed the tallest mountains in the world, including his crowning achievement, Everest. As assistant pastor in a small church, Chris is living on past glory. The church youth group wants him to return to Nepal as their leader in a mission to gain followers of Christ.

Now Chris stands before a mountain he has no desire to climb.

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Sami's Special Blend cover.

Sami’s Special Blend


Abril lives and works at the edge of one of America’s biggest dieting ministries.

Is there another way of looking at her faith?

Is there love?

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Among the Sons of Seth Novel

Among the Sons of Seth

It is rumoured that Yah moves among the settlements of Seth.

Havilah lives and works in the first city, Enoch. Nearby, men toil in the copper mines; while her brother crafts exquisite pieces of bronze work that she and her sister will sell in the marketplace.

After a shocking revelation, Havilah realises her personal connection to the book of forgotten knowledge, that has been kept in a neglected trunk by her family for as long as she can remember. Seeking deeper understanding, she will have to leave behind everything familiar and find Hawwa, the mother of all living.

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A Good Man cover

A Good Man

Maggie used to have a job, a car and a life. Now she has stray cats and her faith. With no hope for the future, is faith enough?

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Prophet cover


With a backpack and a trunk full of books, Jenna arrives in Jerusalem. A chance meeting with Zed starts off as a romantic adventure for the televangelist’s son, but becomes unsettling when he discovers that the books in the trunk contradict everything his father teaches about the Second Coming of Jesus.

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